Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I am feeling both encouraged and discouraged about this school year. Jul seems to be willing to focus and do work. But Clover, who was more eager for school to begin, is fighting me with everything i want to do! I am noticing, however, that if i tell her what i want her to do, then walk away and leave it, she will come to me with the completed work. I dont know how i feel about this. I feel that i can get better work out of her if she would be willing to work with me. But on the other hand, while she is working with me, she does nothing! I think she is hoping for more intense work. And i think the solution will come, eventually.

One of my ideas for Clover is that i get her a supplement work book. any other ideas?


Erika said...

wait, back up - you started school already?

jordin said...

just this week... then we are gone for a week, then the kids are all in day camp. I will do another week before we go back to kingston for 3 weeks. So.. it's more for me so that we can get ahead of the game.