Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Every night when i get into bed i have the intention to get up and work out in the morning. But here is what usually happens: a child comes in my room between 2 and 4am. Once it is 4, i am usually awake enough to start my day. But really, who wants to start their day at 4 to educate, feed and otherwise entertain 3 children? So i end up falling back to sleep around 5-6, then am a mess when i wake at 7:30- 8.

Today, i am going to get up, work out. Then this afternoon i will nap.

What would you do?


Adrian Paul said...

Some mornings I have to get up at 4 as well. My husband works at 5 and for some reason that I cannot remember, we have this agreement that as we both get up, he gets ready and I make coffee and start the car for him! I'm crazy!

jordin said...

Wow! you *ARE* a good husband! We definitely dont have a rule like that... but we do have a rule about staying up if the other one is out late. That is a story for another day though!

What time time is it where you are?!

Adrian Paul said...

HAHA I do try my hardest to please him. And we don't really have a rule like that. Sometimes we will wait for the other to go to bed and most of the time we wait to eat dinner and such but it doesn't bother us if we do it alone. Only sometimes it's okay, LOL.