Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I have had so much on my mind lately. And many things i have wanted to jot down. But lately i have been feeling like i dont want to share my thoughts with the masses. I want to have conversations. Deep, meaningful, personal conversations.

They are hard to come by up here. I have found that trying to break through barriers with people has been near impossible. Because i havent been here long, I havent found a niche in peoples lives. And most people around here have been here longer than 2 years, so they dont have any space for new people.

I am guarding my vulnerable heart.


Erika said...

Aww, boo :(

Why don't you come for a little drive and drink tea with me in the garden!

jordin said...

That sounds amazing!!! But we only have the one vehicle. You are welcome to come here anytime.

Erika said...

I hear your pain sista - so do we. I think thats why so many SAHM's blog!!