Monday, January 11, 2010

back to the grindstone

St. Francis de Sales:

Be patient with everyone, but above all with yourself; I mean,
be disturbed about your imperfections, and always have the courage to pick
yourself up after a fall. I'm very glad to hear that you make a fresh start
day. There is no better way of growing toward perfection in the
life than to always be starting over again and never thinking that
we have done
But most important, don't lose heart, be patient,
wait, do all you
can to develop a spirit of compassion. I have no
doubt that God is holding
you by the hand; if he allows you to stumble, it
is only to let you know that if
he were not holding your hand, you would
fall. This is how he gets you to
take tighter hold of His

Thank you Lord, for the time You gave us over Christmas. Help me not to squander even one second on emotions that arent becoming of you. And for me not to linger on regret when i am less than loving. Bring me closer to You and being like You this year.


Girish said...

I casually stumbled upon your blog... and it held me for a few moments... particularly, this poem is very inspirational...

keep it up...

jordin said...

Thank you, Girish! I wish i could take credit for the poem, but i found it as well. I cant even remember where now!

Welcome to my blog, and enjoy your stay Girish!