Friday, November 27, 2009

one hand old

<=from this to
this => Birthday girl!

Five years ago i didnt even know her yet. But i knew she was coming. ok, i didnt even know if 'it' was a she! But the anticipation was too much.

2 years old

I didnt know what it would be like to have 2. I didnt know that my heart would grow to love so many more people than just her.

2 years old

3 years old

We never had a dedication service for her, everyone was already dedicated to her. Devoted to her, endlessly and hopelessly. Prayers of protections surrounded her from day one.

3 years old

How much she has grown! She knows more flowers than i do. Hates injustice, loves pink. Very sure of what she wants to do and what she does not want to do. She wants everything to be beautiful. And she makes it that way. Everything she touches.

(pictures she drew on the cottage walls and the shoes she decorated to be 'prettier')

4 years old

Today she is one whole hand old. She has blessed me in so many ways.

birthday party

simply gorgeous.


Annette said...

Awesome, Jordin!

tigerlilytarasarahpaul said...

Love this are so blessed. Happy Birthday Clover!

Jenn said...

Clo, you are so beautiful, and so loved. <3 <3 <3
Love, Auntie Jenn

Erika said...

Beautiful I love this.

Interesting...we didn't dedicate our children formally in church some scolding for that one...