Thursday, October 15, 2009


I love a clean, tidy house. It brings me joy and peace.

But my house is almost never tidy. It is usually very messy. I try very hard to keep it tidy, but i find it horribly overwhelming. Not because there is so much to keep tidy, but because i dont know where to begin. I have a clean house, just not a tidy one.

I decided to help myself i clean the kitchen right after supper. Without a tidy kitchen in the morning i am miserable and start the day stressed. I dont seem to know what to do with the clutter and mess. This wasnt a problem in Kingston when Rachel and i would get together! We took turns cleaning and tidying. I have done very well, i think. My house has been clean AND tidy for almost a month now!

Muirgen, i think you will be happy with coming over now.


dawna said...

that's my secret, too... well, at least that's how i started getting things to a way less overwhelming stage. all thanks to

yay! i'm happy for you, jordin.

Rachel said...

Hey, you figured it out - your blog looks great! And I'm sure your house does, too. I'm sorry my kids are negative and rude sometimes :( As I'm sure you know, I would happily spend time with you in your house, no matter HOW it looks!

jordin said...

Oh Rachel, kids can be honest in a way that we only wish we could be!!! Only we try to be a little more, um, tender in our approach! And you are always welcome here!

Dawna, i find fly lady overwhelming!!! I have tried it several times since Jul was born... but i have found it takes me a while to organize things to work for me. And i am mostly organized now!

jordin said...

I love the blog look!!! i even changed the colours!!! Thanks for telling me Rachel!

Michelle Lamey said...

HA I think you and i might make a good cleaning partner. My house is tidier than it is clean I think. Somehow the visual clutter translate to anxiety and mostly I just dont' get to the places you really can't see (slightly afraid to look under the bed).

jordin said...

I *LOVE* doing the cleaning half of house work!!! and absolutely hate the tidy half!