Wednesday, December 3, 2008

There are things about Rabbi Shmuley i love! He is passionate and brutally honest. He speaks with complete conviction. I love that he spells G-d without O's because of the name being so holy. The Name is holy. He is right.

About almost everything. The only thing he is wrong about: the Messiah has come. He came, He saw, He lived, died and lives again! Rabbi Shmuley is doing the work of G-d. He is searching and discovering the secrets of G-ds heart. Jesus is probably saying 'AMEN, brother!' to what this Rabbi preaches! I know i am.


Aphra said...

why does taking the o out make it more holy?
there is no i (or o) in team either!

jordin said...


taking the o out doesnt make it more holy, but the name itself is too holy to say or even spell... kinda like YHWH.