Saturday, November 1, 2008

My hand hurts. I dont have very good veins... which makes blood work uncomfortable at times. I've had my veins roll, collapse and completely disappear. Sometimes when the nurse cant find a 'good' vein, they use a butterfly needle on my hand... and sometimes an infant butterfly.

When i had my wisdom teeth out, i had 2 different nurses try to get the IV in. The first on poked twice, Got one on my forearm, which hurt like a bugger. When i asked if it was supposed to burn the jumped up and pulled it out immediately. No, she says, it shouldnt. I felt so bad for her. She then went and got another nurse to try.

One time the blood work went so bad that my vein went black. In the soft part of the inside of my elbow was dark blues and purples, and the vein that was tapped was just black. It was very impressive.

On occasion i have tried to give blood to the blood bank, and it takes about half an hour to give a pint. Then i have a history of passing out. I am use to it. I usually warn the nurses before hand. They appreciate it. I find coke to be the best to drink after giving blood, that and oranges. But i prefer the cookies.

I scar from 'lines'. I have two very distinct marks on my left hand and forearm from when my boys were born. And where they draw blood on the inside of my arm looks like the track marks of an addict.

But right now, my hand hurts. Bruised and slightly swollen, marked from a painful encounter with a 'butterfly'. I will be getting to do it all again on Thursday.


yelsel said...

drink lots of water on thursday! last time i gave blood they told me that drinking lots of water helps expands the veins. i have bad veins too. they said nothing can make the veins bigger but being hydrated makes it easier. give it a try.

(ignore this advise if you've already heard it/tried it)


jordin said...

Thanks les, i will do that!!! I had never heard that advice before. I think it is very hard for me to do that due to the fact that i have to have blood word done before i normally wake up...

There was another comment, but for what ever reason, blogger has deleted it... But thank you Barb. May God bless you too!

Barb said...

I hope your hand gets better soon! I have heard about drinking water beforehand too.
A blessed Sunday to you..

Jenn said...

oh hun, that sucks. i don't have bad veins, but I do know what it's like to have blood work done every month. it sucks.