Thursday, October 9, 2008


Week 3 of Thomas being gone is almost over. It seems to have gone relatively fast. There have been dentist appointments, pulled teeth, canned tomatoes, open houses, lowered prices, cleaning and more cleaning. This weekend as something special to it: Thomas has an extra day off. But that doesnt mean an extra day of rest. We have an open house this saturday, feast at church sunday, then maybe one at my dads, and another feast on monday.

We finally have permission to sell the house... but they arent going to pay for it. Which throws another wrench into the works...

I so wish i could be involved more, but as my time here has an unknown end, it seems impossible.

I am watching as God fills in the spaces that i have been in, whether with friends or at church or... whatever. And i wonder if He will do the same for me. When i get to my new place, will He have them all set up for me? Will new people fill in the big empty spaces where those here have been, at least a little? Or will it be like last night?

I'm not saying any of this in a pity tone, but in a very seriously curious way.


Aphra said...

who did you have to get permission from? why does it throw a wrench in?

feasts are good :)

Rachel said...

Jordin, just so you know, no one will EVER fill the gap you will leave in my life when you go. Not in the same way that you do. Other people will be there for me, I know, but YOU are irreplaceable.

Did no one turn up on Wednesday night? If so, that sucks. But I'm looking forward to movie night this week.

I will be praying that God will be preparing people to fill up your life in just the ways you need once you move. Also, my dad told me tonight that their prayer group at their church has been praying for your house to sell (I didn't even ask them to!) I told him the keep at it.

Hope you have a good thanksgiving.

Love you!