Monday, May 5, 2008

Monday Ramblings

This weekend and today have felt more busy than what they were. And i feel like i am on a treadmill; moving quickly but getting no where.

This morning Jul and i did some math by playing football. I think by the time he is 8 he will have no problem with his 7 times tables! We painted in the bath for a bit. And cleaned the house. Again.

I keep thinking that i need a curriculum, i need a better system, i need to focus more, i need to be more diligent, i need to be more creative.... and so on. What i think i really need is to settle down. Relax and get things in order for september. And maybe prepare a bit the night before. Hopefully by then Jul is back to Jul.

Jul's big joy in life right now is washing the floors. Which is great, except that i need to have it in a washable state. I am trying to have it that way daily, but with little co-operation.

Tonight i invited several people over who wanted to get together and chat 'home school stuff', and i think it is going to turn into a movie night, seeing as only 2 people are coming. Mind you, it was originally friday, then saturday and i was asked to move it to accommodate people... i dont think i am going to be so accommodating anymore.

Wednesday cant come fast enough.


Rachel said...

I'm guessing you feel a bit better about tonight, now that it's over. I had a really great time, anyway. Thanks again for hosting it!

jordin said...

I had a great time!!! A little sleep deprived, but well worth it!!!