Friday, February 29, 2008

I have really been pondering "the joy of the Lord is my strength" lately. It doesnt make any sense to me. Is it; when he is happy when i am strong? Or, he finds joy when i am strong? But then, if my strength all comes from God, wouldnt he always be happy? And if God feels/understands my pain then when he feels my sorrow, would my strength then dissipate? I'm sure the when i rely on him, he finds joy and i am strengthened... i think thats what it means but i dont know. any thoughts?

I can get through this. I dont feel strong. But as long as i keep moving i dont have to think about what i am doing. Focus on the practical, and be willing to accept displaced aggression.


Anonymous said...

ummm... I've always thought that it means that the joy God put in your heart is your strength and even in tough and sad times that joy is there wether you are happy or not. Does that make sense?


Aphra said...

Hmm, I thought of 'the joy of the Lord' as an unchanging attribute of Him that we can draw strength from.

I am praying for y'all. There seems to be a super lot to pray for rustlers this past week!

Rachel said...

I've always thought more or less the same as Aphra - that it has to do with the joy God gives us helping us to be strong.