Friday, December 28, 2007

A Very Merry Christmas!!!

this has been the best Christmas season EVER!!! Thomas, the kids and i have had (with the exception of one outing) very little stress and have really enjoyed each others company.

With this time of Jesus' birth, i have been trying to give the gift of love and laughter. We have been laughing lots and showing much love. But for the most part here are some of the funniest things i have encountered this holiday:

deko boko friends: The Prince Egg; when he gets angry his egg hat boils and the shell breaks. he then cleans up the shell and briskly walks away, taking little steps.

Clover referred to herself in the third person: Thomas said "Clover does this and Daddy does that." Clover replied: "no, Daddy does this and Clover does that!"

Oakley is the first grandchild to like Thomas dad... Oakley wouldnt let Ted put him down. And, this evening with my dad he was in hysterics while my dad held him and chased clover. His giggling and smiling face was too funny.

Jul has been going out of his way to make us laugh. Just listening to him laugh usually gets me laughing with him. Last night i was trying to get him in trouble and no matter what i said or did, he just laugh uncontrollably. Both Thomas and i couldnt keep a straight face. He has such a sweet disposition and a joyful heart.

I cannot remember such a wonderful Christmas!!!