Thursday, December 14, 2006

Complete again

It has been so wonderful having Thomas home!!! The feeling of peace and calm and comfort. It is such a blessing to have him have time off too! The kids are loving having him back. Clover cant get enough of him.... she doesn't want me, only Daddy! I love seeing the incredibly strong bond the kids have with him.

I learned an amazing amount of stuff about me and who i am while Thomas was gone. I haven't shared much of that with anyone yet. I have been working on a post (more for Thomas than anyone else), but it seems to be taking a long time to get out what i want to say.

I think all those around me feel the peace i have again now that Thomas is home... they all ask how he is and if it's nice having him back.... like it wouldn't be!!! A part of my soul was missing for 3 months... and now it is complete again. I am complete again.

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