Sunday, November 26, 2006

Yesterday, or something that seems like it

Yesterday i lamented about what i was missing that God was trying to teach me with all this insanity with sicknesses happening in our family. But today i feel very different about it. Today i am allowing myself to see that it really IS a lot! Especially to deal with all in 2 weeks. I kept thinking that i was letting everyone down around me... all the loving people who have helped me. But really, i would be very understanding and more than willing to pitch in if the roles were reversed with any number of friends.

On another note, this is our last week without Thomas! I cant believe it is almost over. It feels (looking back on it) that it was just yesterday that he left... but really it's been almost 11 weeks. 11 weeks!!! That's a whole trimester.... 3 months basically. And we did it! I am pretty surprised that i did it. I wasn't sure that i would be able to do it... that i wouldn't make it. And really, i almost didn't. But i love that i have my sanity intact and friends who are family.

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